Snaggernet dot com - Paul Bourgeois' Deer Antler Velvet Scam


Paul Bourgeois and his wife Jacki Bourgeois (Jacki Dodds) are scammers and run, (P.O.Box 250 Palm Harbor, FL, 34682 1-800-417-7112) which is a scam website.

Bourgeois claims that his deer velvet will cure practically anything. He is a snake oil salesman deluxe! He sells this small bottle for 50 bucks and claims that the deer velvet increases mental abilities and will even remedy learning disabilities!

Scam.Their other scams include the Chemtrails Project which he charges you $49.00 for a cup to test your rainwater, their HCG diet scam which has been exposed all over the net, various voodoo diet scams, etc.

Review about: Chemtrails Project.



This person has not even purchased anything, he just is out for Deer Antler Velvet for some odd reason. Odd.


Deer Antler Velvet is being marketed by scammers Paul Bourgeous and Jacki Dodds / Jacki Bourgeous who have a long history of selling bogus supplements with inflated claims in their advertising material.There’s no evidence IGF-1 is present in these supplements as they are not regulated or tested by any government body.

IGF-1 cannot be administered orally. It will break down into simple amino acids that have no quantifiable effect on the human body. If anyone wants to stimulate IGF-1 production in their bodies they just need to consume more milk or casein protein supplements. It has been proven that casein stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1.

However, IGF-1 has very limited effect in adults. Its primary purpose is to help babies grow. By this evidence the Bourgeois' family is certainly not interesting in your well-being - only the cash in your pocket and pulling off another scam.

They don't give a *** about your health.:(

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